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Karo Mortar + Pestle (L)

Karo Mortar + Pestle (L)

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One of the world's oldest culinary tools, volcanic stone mortars and pestles like the Karo have been used by cooks for centuries. 

Carved from a single piece of volcanic stone, the Karo Mortar and Pestle is a beautifully heavy piece of stoneware that ensures quick and efficient grinding, blending and mixing. 

In addition to being a great prep tool, the molcajete makes an impressive serving dish for guacamole and other party favourites.

Perfect for crushing whole spices and making spice blends, the Karo can also be lined with baking paper or lettuce leaves and used as a serving bowl. 

Carved from a single piece of volcanic stone

13cm(H) x 15.5cm(W) x 15.5cm(ø)


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