Our Story | Orlando Store.

Orlando; famous throughout the land

Orlando Country, named after the owners beautiful show pony 'Orlando', carrying on his famous legacy throughout the family business today. 

Hey hi hello,

We are so happy you stumbled upon our store and hope you love it as much as we do.

Orlando Store is a space curated to deliver goods and products that help to compliment everyday modern living w/ classic style.
Influenced by our love for homeware and growing up with our parent’s rustic vibe, from our home in the Rangitikei to the architecturally designed buildings and interiors we continue to design today. We love having pieces that are long lasting and look at home in any room of the house.

We are based in the Manawatu, with our store located at our NZ family owned and operated venue Orlando Country, just a stones throw away from Palmerston North City which overlooks the driving range and 9-hole golf course towards the Tararua ranges.

So, who is behind Orlando Store?

Sisters, Emma & Jet, 3 years apart yet constantly mistaken for twins and loving every moment of working together in our family business.
Both sharing the same sense of style continuously inspired by our extremely on-trend mum, making the buying for Orlando Store that much easier!
With the arrival of Isabella (Emma's daughter) we now stock many tried and tested baby products that your kiddies will adore.

Thank you so much for your love and support, we enjoy everything about our little store.

emma + jet