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Golden Hour Puzzle | 1000 Pieces

Golden Hour Puzzle | 1000 Pieces

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This artwork displays the emotion and ambiance of the freedom that summer brings. Wide open spaces, the delicate smell of freesias at the beach, and the gorgeous golden light that only happens at the end of a balmy summer’s day is cleverly visually depicted in the sun’s kaleidoscopic journey.

Premium quality adult jigsaw puzzle

Finished size: 75 x 52cm

Artwork by New Zealand artist Kelly Spencer

New Zealand artist Kelly Spencer.

Illustrator, lettering artist and muralist Kelly has a passion for travel and sunshine. Her creative style is characterised by bright fresh colour palettes and curvaceous forms, meticulously handcrafted lettering, and illustrative elements of flora and fauna. Kelly’s work often serves as a platform to promote the conservation of our natural environment while her creative career gives her the freedom to travel and work for clients around the world. Kelly finds her joy in sunshine and summer wines, the sound of tropical rain, the shadows that leaves make on walls, scuba diving in calm waters and dogs.  

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