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Barbie Cassidy

Barbies Dog Bed | Small/Medium

Barbies Dog Bed | Small/Medium

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Barbies Dog Beds

This bedding was designed by Barbie Cassidy, ex-veterinary nurse and absolute lover of animals.

An oval 'nest' mattress filled with massaging knopped wool balls and a 100% cotton cover.
All dog beds are lovingly made in New Zealand by hand with your dog in mind

These original Beds are an oval 'nest' mattress filled with massaging wool balls surrounded by a draught protecting wall for dogs to nestle up against. They have a NZ wool carpet base and have very heavy sponge walls.

The mattress is filled with 2nd shear Romney-cross wool which has been blown through a centrifugal force to form it into 'knops' or little balls which constantly move and massage the dog's joints.

Knopped wool - the secret ingredient to a comfortable and therapeutic dog bed.
A unique knopping process is used to partially form tiny wool balls - which move slightly to massage inside the covers and do not 'felt down'

2nd shear Romney-cross wool with a 100% cotton cover +  heavy sponge walls.

Small / medium sized dog (large terrior size)

Red or Blue Tartan 

Hard wearing covers

Benefits for your dog

  • All natural fibres make for healthy breathable bedding and very happy dogs
  • Improve your dog's health, happiness, quality and quantity of life
  • They will massage your dogs joints and help relieve and combat arthritis
  • Pets sleep better on these beds, giving their owners a good nights sleep as well!
  • On the Beds the sponge walls shield your dog from drafts as they snuggle into their wool mattress



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